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Accepted Papers:

Full Papers:

  • Design, Implementation and Performance Analysis of a CFD task-based Application for Heterogeneous CPU/GPU Resources
    • Lucas Leandro Nesi, Lucas Mello Schnorr and Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux.
  • Communication-Free Parallel Mesh Multiplication for Large Scale Simulations
    • Romulo Silva, Benaia Lima, Jose Camata, Renato Elias and Alvaro Coutinho.
  • LRMalloc: a Modern and Competitive Lock-Free Dynamic Memory Allocator
    • Ricardo Leite and Ricardo Rocha.
  • An improved OpenMP implementation of the TVD–Hopmoc method based on a cluster of points
    • Frederico Cabral, Carla Osthoff Barros, Roberto Pinto Souto, Gabriel Costa, Sanderson L. Gonzaga de Oliveira, Diego Brandao and Mauricio Kischinhevsky.
  • A Scheduling Theory Framework for GPU Tasks Efficient Execution
    • Antonio-Jose Lazaro-Muñoz, Bernabé López-Albelda, Jose María González-Linares and Nicolás Guil Mata.
  • A Timer-Augmented Cost Function for Load Balanced DSMC
    • William McDoniel and Paolo Bientinesi.
  • A New Parallel Benchmark for Performance Evaluation and Energy Consumption
    • Adriano Garcia, Claudio Schepke, Alessandro Girardi and Sherlon Almeida Da Silva.
  • A Parallel Generator of Non-Hermitian Matrices computed from Given Spectra
    • Xinzhe Wu, Serge G. Petiton and Yutong Lu.
  • Accelerating scientific applications on heterogeneous systems with HybridOMP
    • Matthias Diener, Daniel Bodony and Laxmikant Kale.
  • Performance Evaluation of Deep Learning Frameworks over Different Architectures
    • Rafael Gauna Trindade and João Vicente Ferreira Lima.
  • Dynamic Configuration of CUDA Runtime Variables for CDP-based Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms
    • Tiago Carneiro Pessoa, Jan Gmys, Nouredine Melab, Francisco Heron de Carvalho Junior, Pedro Pedrosa Rebouças Filho and Daniel Tuyttens.
  • A GPU-based Metaheuristic for Workflow Scheduling on Clouds
    • Elliod Cieza, Luan Teylo, Yuri Frota, Cristiana Bentes and Lúcia Drummond.
  • Optimizing Packed String Matching on AVX2 Platform
    • Mehmet Akif Aydogmus and M. Oğuzhan Kulekci.
  • A Systematic Mapping on High-Performance Computing for Protein Structure Prediction
    • Gesiel Rios Lopes, Paulo Sergio Lopes de Souza and Alexandre C. B. Delbem.
  • Non-Uniform Domain Decomposition of the Lattice-Boltzmann Method for Heterogeneous Accelerated Processing Units
    • Gabriel Freytag, Philippe Olivier Alexandre Navaux, João Vicente Ferreira Lima, Lucas Mello Schnorr and Paolo Rech.
  • Performance Evaluation of Two Load Balancing Algorithms for Hybrid Clusters
    • Tiago Marques Do Nascimento, Rodrigo Santos and Marcelo Lobosco.
  • Real-time data stream partitioning over a sliding window in real-time spatial Big Data
    • Sana Hamdi.




  • A methodology for batching matrix kernels in HPC applications
    • Hans Johansen and Osni Marques.
  • High-Performance Computing for Predictive Models in Healthcare
    • Luiz Fernando Capretz.


Short Paper:

  • Towards a Strategy for Performance Prediction on Heterogeneous Architectures
    • Silvio Stanzani, Raphael Cóbe, Jefferson Fialho, Rogério Iope, Marco Gomes, Artur Baruchi and Julio Amaral.